• Where are you available/located?

I am generally available in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orange County unless otherwise noted below.

Also, if you are interested in booking me in a city that is not marked as available, go ahead and fill out the request form. It may be possible for me to accommodate you. (Especially for longer calls)

  • Why do you require a reference to see you?

Due to the nature of the world we live in today, I feel that for both of our protection that it is necessary for a reference.
There are plenty of reviews on me out there and you would know what to expect when you see me,  I just want to know I will be safe.  A girl can’t be too careful!

  • Why do I need to fill out the request form, can’t I just call you?

Again, this is for safety reasons.  Since I have limited availability due to my other pursuits and interests, the request form allows me to schedule my time with you better.

  • I am concerned about my privacy.  Do I need to fill out the whole request form?

Discretion and Confidentiality is a high priority of mine.  I do require that you fill out the entire request form before scheduling an appointment with you. Once verified, I delete any personal information from my records.
I will happily sign a non-disclosure form if need be to protect your privacy.

  • Do you expect tips or gifts?

No, I never expect tips or gifts, though I always appreciate such a token and will remember your generosity.

  • Do you see women or couples?

Yes, I do. I am naturally bi-sexual, and love spending time with women. My engagements with couples have been some of my favorite and most memorable times. For couples, I ask that the engagement be scheduled by the woman, so I know she is a fully willing partner in the endeavor.

  • How selective are you in the clients you see?

Very. I use a combination of screening and old-fashioned intuition to assist in my selection process. My availability is limited due to my other pursuits and interests, and I seek to meet with those clients who can most appreciate what I have to offer. I thank you in advance for your patience with this selection process.

  • Do I need to give advanced notice?

Advance notice is highly recommended, given my limited availability and select number of clientele. Advance notice will ensure that I am able to see you when you wish, as well as allow time for the screening process.